Bay Area’s Little Leagues Overflow With Would-Be Giants: New York Times, April 2011

SAN FRANCISCO — The good vibrations from the San Francisco Giants’ World Series victory last fall continue to reverberate in the Bay Area, where children inspired by the improbable success of the Giants’ assemblage of castoffs have overwhelmed local Little Leagues. Youths who had never played the game suddenly saw themselves as Cody Ross or Tim […]

Unplugged, Interfaith Style: Interfaith Family, February 2011

As a member of an interfaith family, I haven’t really observed Shabbat. Even when I was growing up in a Jewish household, my parents never observed Shabbat, except for the brief run-up to my bar mitzvah when we’d attend Friday night services. But in recent years, as I reconnected with my Jewish roots through Reboot, a nonprofit that […]

Trial designed to treat children with connatal Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease (PMD): UCSF, February 2011

Sometimes, the rarest diseases provide the most critical insights. Pediatrician David Rowitch, MD, PhD, is leading a stem cell trial designed to treat children with connatal Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease (PMD), an uncommon but fatal brain disorder. It is UCSF’s first stem cell clinical trial in humans, and Rowitch has high hopes that his work will not […]

Cardiovascular: Reaching for a Cure: UCSF, February 2011

The heart cannot adequately regenerate damaged tissue after a heart attack. But could stem cells help it along that path? Doctors and researchers at UCSF with a wide range of expertise are exploring this possibility together, working to see whether stem cell therapies might pump some regenerative power into the heart. Working within a so-called […]

A Team for an Ambitious Project: UCSF, February 2011

Stem cells have an innate attraction to tumor cells. If genetically engineered to produce proteins with anti-tumor activity, they could serve as tumor-killing assassins. At UCSF, a team of scientists led by Mitchel S. Berger, MD, chair of the Department of Neurological Surgery, is exploring this strategy in the fight against glioblastoma – the most […]

The Road to a Cure: UCSF, February 2011

In searching for a cure for diabetes, researchers from UCSF and their partners at ViaCyte, a San Diego biotechnology company, have already cleared some large hurdles. ViaCyte has developed a line of human stem cells that have been specially cultured in the laboratory. When transplanted into rodents, these stem cells turn into insulin-producing beta cells, […]

Seeking Balance in the Brain: UCSF, February 2011

Some signals in the brain inhibit action, and some spark or excite it. A balance of those two impulses is critical to healthy brain function – and an imbalance lies beneath many of the most common brain problems such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and traumatic injuries. Researchers Arturo Alvarez-Buylla, PhD, and John Rubenstein, MD, PhD, […]