China Blocks Google Over Porn, Again: Los Angeles Times, June 2009

Some Google websites, including the popular search engine, were blocked by Chinese authorities today as Beijing expressed unhappiness with Google serving up porn in its search results. The issue has long been a contentious one between the company and the country. Google said last week that it would block pornography on its site, but Chinese […]

At the Apple iPhone 3G S Unveiling, AT&T Gets Lousy Reception: Los Angeles Times, June 2009

In the secrecy that often surrounds Apple Inc.’s every move, industry cryptologists had plenty to study in Monday’s otherwise widely hailed unveiling of the company’s newest iPhone, the 3G S. The focus was on AT&T Inc., the only U.S. provider of the iPhone. That’s because Apple left its partner in an uncomfortable position. Some of […]

‘Clean-tech’ Start-ups are Pushing the Green Button: Los Angeles Times, June 2009

Amit Chatterjee worked for three Silicon Valley start-ups and software company SAP, but he was growing increasingly intrigued by global warming and climate change. The more he delved into the issue, the more he became convinced that there was a way to use software to help tackle the problem. His idea — to help companies […]