What Obama Can Learn From the Giants: The Huffington Post, November 2010

In what must have been a happy moment on the eve of a miserable midterm election, President Obama called San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy to congratulate him on the team’s improbable World Series victory. The conversation was no doubt short and perfunctory, but the sports-minded president would have done well for himself to ask […]

Why The Giants Broke Their Curse: Sports Grid, November 2010

If you are like most baseball fans, you watched the San Francisco Giants steamroll the Texas Rangers in the World Series, beating the vaunted Cliff Lee twice and holding the juggernaut offense to a total of one run in three games, and you wondered how this collection of kids and castoffs who were nobody’s pick for anything in […]

Biz 101 for a Growing Crowd: San Francisco Magazine, November 2010

David Abernathy knows about image problems—he dropped out of high school and college, then burned out as an investment banker before starting his own consulting practice. Perhaps that’s why he’s a perfect fit for his new job: As a director of Compassionate Green Financial Services, the only company of its kind in the country, Abernathy […]