Talking Baseball with Dan Fost

Joe Magennis of the Baseballisms podcast interviewed Dan Fost when the book Giants Past and Present first came up. Joe and Dan had a fun and wide-ranging conversation about the Giants’ storied history in San Francisco and New York. 

Dan Fost also produced a YouTube channel in spring 2010 to celebrate the publication of his book, with an array of fun videos in which Dan tells some of the stories out of Giants’ history.

Of course, the Giants went on to win three World Series since Dan’s book was published, including in its launch year of 2010. Was the team’s success simply a coincidence with Dan’s work? Who can say?

8 thoughts on “Talking Baseball with Dan Fost

  1. Intersted in using your u-tube video at:

    in a piece I’m doing for the Culver City, Ca AOL owned Patch network.

    The video would run as a compliment to a piece I’m doing on Juan and John, a play by Obie award winning actor Roger Guenveur Smith who gives his impression on the Roseborow-Marhichal fight and its relation to today’s environment of hate, etc.

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