Dear Timmy: San Francisco magazine, Sept. 4, 2015

Dear Timmy An open letter to Tim Lincecum on the occasion of his probable Giants farewell. By Dan Fost | September 4, 2015 It’s painful to think of this as a farewell letter,...

Dan Fost

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Baseball’s Greatest Attractions:, April 4, 2012

Happy Opening Day! I really enjoyed assembling this slide show of small baseball-oriented businesses for’s Small Business site, in time for the start of another baseball season.The slide show received wide pickup on the Internet, including on Yahoo Sports, …

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From Bowling to Bars: Urban Baseball Parks Boost Business:, April 2, 2012

From Bowling to Bars: Urban Baseball Parks Boost Business Twenty years ago, the Baltimore Orioles did something that at the time ran counter to every trend in stadium construction: They built their new ballpark right in the heart of downtown …

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