USA Today: Cash, charge or cell phone?

I’ve got a story in this morning’s USA Today about how cell phones will soon have credit card information stored in a chip, so that you’ll only have to wave it over a scanner in order to pay for something.

While all the experts I spoke to said this is a very secure technology, there are plenty of skeptics out there, judging from the comments the story is receiving.

I welcome the skeptics. I’m a big fan of paying with cash myself.

1 thought on “USA Today: Cash, charge or cell phone?

  1. I’m a big fan of cash as well, although since the penny now costs more than a penny to produce, I could live with the nickel being the smallest denomination of coin. Unfortunately, the state of Illinois (read: the land of Lincoln) will likely never go for that idea.

    Congrats on the USA Today hit Dan. Go, baby go!

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